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Cats & Caged Pets


Vacation Visits: 8 am - 6 pm
20 mins - $30.00

40 mins - $40.00*

60 mins - $50.00*

*Suggested for social cats, multiple cat households,
as well
 as for any cat(s) that need medication

Weekday/Midday cat play

20 mins - $30.00

40 mins - $40.00

  • Our services cater to a variety of pets, including cats and small animals. For cats, we offer engaging playtime sessions, comforting laptime, and even "cat walks" outside using a harness. Additionally, we ensure the cleanliness of litter box(es) and provide fresh food and water. Light grooming, such as brushing, is also available, and if necessary and permitted, we can administer medications.

  • For small animals, we provide fresh food and water and engaging playtime sessions to keep them entertained and active if applicable.

  • When it comes to your house, you can rest assured that we prioritize its security. We can bring in your mail and newspaper, water your plants, and even rotate lights and blinds to create the impression of an occupied home, enhancing its safety.



Monday - Friday:  10 am - 3 pm

*Requests outside these hours or on weekends
incur an additional $5 charge.

Solo Dog Walks/Visits
20 mins - $30.00

40 mins - $40.00

60 mins - $50.00

Woof Walks/Fido Fun

40 mins - $40.00

  • Woof Walks offer the perfect opportunity for small group dog walks or playful interactions with other dogs. Dogs need to be sociable with both other dogs and people to participate. To ensure eligibility, multiple visits with Aunty Min's may be necessary.

  • Additionally, there is an additional fee of $10.00 per each extra family dog

  • All dog walks are weather dependent. If we are experiencing inclement weather, we may stay inside to play/visit with quick outings for potty. 

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