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  • Initial consultation is free. Please have 2 keys available for us at the initial visit - one for the sitter and one for the office / back-up if needed. All keys have a tag with the pets name on the tag, not your personal information. Alternatively, a lockbox is a good choice. Additional visits to pick-up and/or drop-off key will be charged $15.00 per trip.Aunty Mins Pet Care Cat Stroller

  • All cats must remain INDOORS while under our care.  We will happily take them outside on a harness (leashed) or in the cat stroller.

  • Notify us when you return home from your vacation (regardless of time). If you don't contact your sitter and we head out for a visit, you will be charged for the visit. .

  • If we haven't seen your pet for 90 or more days, a "re-introduction" visit is required at a rate of $20.00.

  • A local emergency / key contact is required.  (see Snow/Inclement Weather Policy below)

  • We do clean up pet accidents that we see with cleaning solution (ie, Nature's Miracle, Bio Kleen Bac-Out) that you provide. Otherwise, we will clean up with paper towels and water.

  • We like to take pictures / videos of pets and like to use them in social media, marketing materials, etc. Every effort will be made to photograph only the pet and not surrounding area to disclose location or ownership. If you do not want your pet(s) in any form of advertising, please let Mindy Anderson know.

  • BITES: If the pet(s) should harm (ie, bite) a member of Aunty Min's, the client will be responsible for medical costs related to the incident (ie, doctor visits, antibiotics, etc...).

  • VETERINARY CARE: Under any situation, every attempt will be made to take the pet to the veterinary clinic the client has stated on the pet form. If a situation occurs after normal business hours and emergency care is needed, the pet will be taken to Animal Emergency & Trauma Center in Poulsbo. Aunty Min's Specialized Pet Care, Inc. will make every attempt to contact the owner for permission or instruction if any animal is in need of medical attention except in the case of an emergency. Owner agrees to pay any charges incurred by Aunty Min's Specialized Pet Care, Inc. for any veterinary care.


  • Vacation care cancellation policy: 50% of booked services if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of scheduled visits. 24 hours or same-day cancellations will be charged the full amount.

  • Dog walk cancellation policy: Walks cancelled before 8am will not be charged for that day's dog walks. Cancellations after 8am will be charged for the day's dog walks.
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For Daily/Mid-Day walks/visits:Snow Policy

  • If roads are safe enough for driving, we will attempt to do our usual visit.However, we may not be able to do a regular walk, but instead may have a potty break and inside playtime.

  • If roads appear snowy/icy at our houses, we may need to cancel our walks and will be in touch in the morning to discuss with you. If you know ahead of time that you will not be going in to work due to inclement weather conditions, please call or email me immediately.

For vacationers:

  • If the roads are too unsafe to drive in the early morning and evening, we may have to adjust our scheduled visit times. Please make sure that we have a neighbor or local contact that could let your pets out and feed them in the unlikely situation that we cannot get out of our homes.

"Scooby, Daphne and Ebony really love's great to know we can go away and leave our fur kids in such good hands." Todd & Julie


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