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Favorite Dog Treat:

BARE BITES!! 100% Natural Beef Liver. You can break them up into tiny bits so a little goes a long way. They also have them ground up where you can sprinkle on their food if someone is needing some enticement to eat. They recently came out with Chicken Breast and that’s proving to be a hit as well!

Favorite Cat Treat:

Vital Essentials Minnows! Oh boy, every cat I know who has had these just wants more and more!! They are freeze dried, healthy treats! And, when you want to give your cats “McDonald’s”…then Temptations is the way to go… (not too many, though – they are definitely not exactly healthy!)

Favorite books - dogs:

"My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do?" - Turid Rugaas
"On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals" - Turid Rugaas
"The Other End of the Leash" - Patricia McConnell

Favorite books - cats:

"Psycho Kitty? Understanding Your Cat's "Crazy" Behavior" - Pam Johnson-Bennett
"Twisted Whiskers - Solving Your Cat's Behavior Problems" - Pam Johnson
Actually…anything by Pam Johnson-Bennett… :)

Favorite Dog Toy:

KONG!! You can throw it for your dog to chase / use it like a ball. You can stuff it with treats, canned food, cream cheese, cheese whiz, peanut butter - your pup's favorite stuff! For extra fun, you can freeze it so it will take him longer to get the goodies out - keep them "busy" for a while.

Favorite Cat Toy:

Cat Dancer!  Watch your kitties go round and round trying to get the “bug”.  Lots of fun and good exercise for your cat.

Happy Dogs!
Happy Small Pets!
Happy Cats!


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