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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why use a petsitter instead of boarding my my pet?

  • Reduced stress – Your pet remains in its own familiar, secure setting.Nookie
  • Diet and Exercise – A normal diet and routine are followed.  Daily walks and playtime are part of our service. Exercise serves as a mischief deterrent and is good for your pet’s health and state of mind.
  • No travel trauma – Traveling to a family member or friends house, or to a boarding facility may upset your pet.
  • Health and Well-being – Less exposure to illness of other animals when your pet stays in its own environment.
  • Loving Care – Your pet receives personalized attention and love while you are away.
  • Benefits for your Convenience – You won’t need to spend time transporting your pet to and from another location.
  • Peace of Mind – You can enjoy time away from home knowing your pet is being cared for by a professional who will put your pets needs first.
  • Security – We alter lights, close blinds, bring in mail & paper, water plants, take out trash, etc… We want the house to have that “lived in” look.

Why can’t I just have my neighbor let my dog out?

We provide professional pet care and service.  Honesty, integrity and knowledge are vital to our organization.  We do not “share” visits with friends or neighbors.

Will you come every other day?

No….  We need to see the pet each day to make sure they are healthy & secure.

A tired dog is a happy dog!

Do you have references?

Yes.  We are happy to provide references upon request.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?


How do you handle my keys?

Keys should be given to your sitter during the initial consultation. All keys have a tag with the pets name on them (not your personal name or address). If we have not seen your pet for over a year, keys may be destroyed.

How much notice do you generally need?

One week for new clients to set-up the initial consultation and 2 weeks (at least) during holidays and peak vacation times.  Initial consultations are free and generally last between 20-30 minutes.  Additional “reintroductions” are $20.00.


Can I call or email to get updates on my pets?

Yes, we understand how important it is to you to know your pets are doing well. We are happy to respond to emails or phone calls to give updates.

What do I do if my pet requires medication or is on a special diet?

We are happy to administer medications per your instructions and follow your pets special diet.

What if an emergency delays my petsitter?

We have a “pack” of sitters and we work as a team. If an emergency delays a sitter, a backup is readily available. We also require an Emergency Contact on your end in case of inclement weather (see Policies Page).

What do I do if my dog has never been left alone before or suffers from separation anxiety?

Some dogs experience separation anxiety. In extreme cases medication is needed, but in most cases exercise is a good alleviator. When dogs are left alone, they may bark constantly, destroy furniture, chew belongings, become very stressed out and even have accidents. A walk and break in the day provides the stress relief these animals need. 

What about payment?

We accept checks and cash.  We do not accept credit cards at this time.  An invoice will be emailed to you upon completion of visits.  For first time clients, payment will need to be made in advance.


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